Trisha Wren, Everything Energetic



Examples of Accuracy

21 Sept 2016


   These are some snippets of feedback on accuracy that I've received:


  • Me - her energetic blackness was caused by an accident when she was a foal.  Owner - yes, I was told about a big accident she had as a foal, in a drain I believe.


  • Me - right hind hoof, the heels are too long.  Owner - I doubt it, just trimmed at weekend but will check tonight.  Next day, owner - omg, you were right, 1cm longer, and I remembered I'd been interrupted why trimming and hadn't finished that hoof!


  • Me - there's a problem with the tail; damaged in some way from being pulled on.  Owner - he got badly caught up in an electric fence and had 2 pigtails attached to his tail, he had obviously been pulling them round with his tail getting yanked on for several hours.


  • Me - there's a skeletal problem with the left fore, whole leg.  It is an issue and will be an issue in the future - it's serious and will cause lameness.  Potential owner - thank you, that's fantastic.  I knew there was a problem with the left fore, an injury as a foal.  I will stop pursuing it.