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Feedback from 'other' sessions

(dogs, cats, chickens, goats....)

6 Mar 2017



I'm pleased I contacted you. I feel much more clear about whats going on for (my dog) and feel I know how to go about attending to his needs.  KF


(My dog) has been much more chill which is particularly noticeable at work. She's not reacting to every loud sudden noise, she's not barking as defensively, it's more just a couple of hello barks.  (My boss) didn't even realise she had been at work all day today!

She hasn't barked, or even reacted, to our neighbours coming and going at home - that is a first!

Generally she just seems much more relaxed and happy, so thank you.


I just wanted to say a great big thank you for all your help. My sore leg is all better, I'm no longer limping and back to chasing sticks and magpies at full speed! Woof!


(My dog) has definitely improved after (your healing and advice), thanks!





Well she drunk some water and ate oats today!!! Better then yesterday. Hopefully it continues! Yay.  (Couple of days later...) All back to normal. Eaten a whole packet of oats since the weekend. Scratching around like a normal chicken!


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