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Services & Fees

1 Oct 2017

Animal Communication:   NZ / AU $80 (repeat sessions $60) 

Includes scanning for physical issues, energy rebalance, diet, likes & dislikes, and owners questions.

If there is one specific questions / concern / issue, let me know that up front so that I can focus on it.

Just email a photo of your animal; a head shot is fine.



Intensive Energy Balancing:   $300 / week

To aid recovery from surgery, injury, colic etc.  Getting and keeping the animal's energy in balance gives them a much better chance of being able to heal themselves.  Remote, or here at Cassie's Farm.

(read more here)



Herd rebalancing:   $100

Energy clearing and rebalancing for the whole herd, to promote happiness, health, and harmony.



Intuitive Healing & Energy Balancing (human):    $80

If you're feeling out of sorts or out of balance, this remote session could help.  Usually includes a simple piece of homework for you to do.



Intensive Healing (Pendulum):   $100

Clear negative or trapped emotions and past life issues, plus intensive healing on your specific issues.  Remote or in person (Skype / Messenger).



One to one Spiritual Development sessions & Retreats:   $200 for 2 hours

Discover or expand your journey and gifts.  Here at Cassie's Farm, or via Skype / Messenger,  and personally tailored to your needs and journey.  Conditions apply; read more here.



LOST PETS:   $80

If your dog / pet is lost or missing, message me a photo with details and I'll do my best to help.

Requests must come from the owner themselves, thanks.



Payment options (email or pm for details):


  •     Direct credit to NZ bank account

  •     Deposit to Australian bank account

  •     PayPal for all other countries